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American Medical Association is a cartel that operates like the longshoremen unions.

It’s impossible to get approval to build a new hospital or trauma center in California.

For some reason new urgent care clinics have a difficult time surviving in Los Angeles.

Good Samaritan Hospital where RFK died in 1968 still has pay phones from the old days. They don’t work obviously, no one can be bothered to remove them.

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What will be the medical equivalent of container ships?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills getting plastic surgery?

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I was thinking more along the lines of AI displacing much of the work of human physicians just as containers greatly reduced the number of longshoremen needed.


Definitely because doctors visits are now the patient answering questions and doctors or an assistant typing answers into a computer. No need for MD to type and transcribe notes into a computer. A slick option in the future or today is record the patient and use voice recognition to transcribe the patient’s answer.

My favorite MD handwrote notes from my visit and sent me a copy in the mail a week later. Plus a copy of various test results including cholesterol. This has never happened before and will never happen. Pre Obama Care, the law passed in 2009 but didn’t take effect until October 2013.

For General Practitioners, AI can displace much of their work. Problem in health care is technology is so backward or technology is not existent.

Database is down, does anyone know COBOL?

edit: Shipping container revolution in the 1960s displaced 90% of longshoremen.
Costs per ton dropped from $6.41 for breakbulk to just $0.18 for containers.

How many dead bodies were found in container ships during the transition?


Primary care physicians seem to be doing less physical examination, relying more heavily on fluid tests and imaging results. This is ripe for automation but it may result in worse patient care — however, not necessarily much worse than the care under the current hands-off trend of human practitioners.

The medical informatics deficiencies are relatively straightforward to fix, assuming anyone is interested in fixing them. Given the demographic trends, principally low fertility, the economics of healthcare for an aging population will require the adoption of these measures.


drlorentz points to what I hear as the main complaint from (older) patients – the doctor no longer looks at the patient, and spends most of his time facing his computer screen. None of the old style checking fingernails, listening to breath sounds, looking into eyes & ears, smelling the patient. Are doctors thus missing a lot of potentially valuable information? Less technology might have some upsides.

The current situation is presumably partly due to the bureaucracy required to prepare for suits by ambulance-chasing lawyers, partly due to bureaucrats inventing regulations, partly due to the fear of feminist patients alleging that doctors who touched them were being sexually aggressive.


South Korea: all of Pediatrics will move to Geriatrics

The AMA and hospital staff unions will try to block AI adoption

48 minute video

I genuinely feel sorry for this guy. His life lacks purpose and meaning, which problem he exacerbated by quitting medicine. My guess is that before the decade is out, he will be seeking psychiatric care if he isn’t already.

While I take his point that medicine, as currently structured, has some destructive incentives, many physicians do necessary and important work to relieve the suffering of their patients, which is this YouTuber’s stated purpose. Perhaps neurosurgery isn’t the best way for his to apply his training but he did learn all that other stuff in medical school and, with some additional training, he could put his education to good use.

Instead, he has chosen to waste most of the resources expended on his education and devote his life to the happiness of his dog — a creature who has maybe another half dozen years to live. And then what — get another dog? Lather, rinse, repeat. He celebrates the fact that his marriage is a childless one, which is the current fertility crisis writ small: the dog is his child substitute.

He leans a bit too heavily on lifestyle changes as a way to cure all medical problems. While I’m sympathetic to the idea that these changes can be helpful, they’re hardly a comprehensive approach to addressing every health issue. The program he outlines is almost identical to the Blue Zones prescription. Ironically, contrary to this YouTuber’s claim, precisely these recommendations were being promoted by the local health authorities where I lived on the West Coast. It’s telling that he doesn’t mention this or similar initiatives.

If I knew this guy irl, I’d recommend he read Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning, wherein the author takes up the question troubling this poor fellow. I’m pretty sure he will not find meaning in his life by taking a succession of dogs on walks in the mountains.


It seems folks are so impressed with the mere name “American Medical Association” that they repeatedly ignore the fact I also repeat frequently - That that organization represents only about 20% of physicians. Through the miraculous work of the propagandists who steer all perceptions ever toward the blue, leftist, authoritarian, illiberal democrat (actually theantithesis of democratic) party, even those informed people here believe the AMA actually represents practicing physicians. One more again, with feeling: they NO NOT: They’re lefties, hence PROMOTED.


Understood but other professional medical entities are equally odious, e.g., the American Academy of Pediatrics. Presumably, there are members of that organization who don’t belong to the AMA — the point being that more than 20% of practicing physicians are lefty kooks. Of course, it varies by specialty, with primary care physicians slanting left and many specialists to the right. Anesthesiologists, you’ll be pleased to learn, are the second least kooky, slightly behind surgeons. Pediatricians, on the other hand…


That was my mistake. I forgot that AMA membership has been declining for a few decades. The latest figure seems to be 18 percent. The point is their influence among MDs is waning but is AMA still a powerful influence on Capitol Hill? Their lobbying power is disproportionately high?


Yes, indeed! For instance, pediatricians (and their cohorts in the APA - American Psychological Ass’n), have for years maintained that those under 21 years of age should not ever be subjected to criminal penalties for antisocial behavior - *because their brains are not yet fully developed. These same “professionals” are the ones who aggressively insist that children of any age must be given any and all “treatments” for “gender dysphoria” on demand , no questions allowed by anyone!! - even if it is against the wishes of the parents!! Not incoherent and irrational at all… Such has been the descent of professionalism and professional ethics.


Oh golly…if these awful Lefty ideas have been being foisted on us for years already, imagine the future when we don’t even have SMART people in the professional schools. Idiocracy. And armed with poisons and scalpels!