You Might Well Ask…

I’m sicka all this footage that started with Jackson’s confirmation hearing, with senators asking witnesses, “What is a woman?” The latest correct riposte is, of course, to accuse the interrogator of wanting to kill trans people.

But how come no one ever asks, “What is a man?”

Really. I mean, the question should be just a potentially confounding, and the same spurious huffing about trans people could still apply, but nobody has to ever resort to it, because no one ever asks the question.

Is it just because, aside from the extensively mutilated Ellen Page, there are just so few women who try to turn into men?

Is it cuz we’re all,s’posed to know what masculinity is, and unconditionally deplore it?

A person gets s’damn TIRED with this garbage…:yawning_face:


My understanding from Abagail Shirer’s book Irreversible Damage is that the current adolescent trans epidemic in the U.S. is almost exclusively a female phenomenon, and that this is completely novel. On page XIX,

Historically, [adolescent gender dysphoria] afflicted a tiny sliver of the population (roughly 0.01 percent) and almost exclusively boys. Before 2012, in fact, there was no scientific literature on girls age eleven to twenty-one ever having developed gender dysphoria at all.

But how things have changed. From page 25:

Between 2016 and 2017 the number of gender surgeries for natal females in the U.S. quadrupled, with biological women suddenly accounting for—as we have seen—70 percent of all gender surgeries. In 2018, the UK reported a 4,400 percent rise over the previous decade in teenage girls seeking gender treatments.

What is happening to account for this?

First, the clear majority (65 percent) of the adolescent girls who had discovered transgender identity in adolescence—“out of the blue”—had done so after a period of prolonged social media immersion. Second, the prevalence of transgender identification within some of the girls’ friend groups was more than seventy times the expected rate.

This fits the classic pattern of mass hysteria, like witch hunts, combined with a desire, communicated by social media, to identify with a now-privileged minority group, not unlike the phenomenon Steve Sailer named the “flight from white”.


Yes clearly it is mass hysteria, of course. Like recovered memory and every bit as tragic—no, more tragic, cuz you could knit up damaged family relationships, but you can never get your severed organs back.
But, if females becoming males is indeed so increasingly common, all the more reason that it should be just as provocative to ask what a man is.


The Left has firmly targeted women, only, because they are mothers and responsible for civilization. All other talk about trans crap is exactly that, is only a distraction, and leads me to hope for some genital mutilation of “feminists”, fer sure.


I hafta say, about those harpies with their pants painted red: not only would I be happy to pay for their abortions, I’d be thrilled to pay to get them sterilized.


I have a vision of the entire courtroom rising to their feet and lustily singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”:

For what is a man
what has he got?
If not himself
then he has naught!

But no-one asks the question because, in today’s feminized woke Western world, men don’t matter. Don’t believe me? Just check what is happening in Jolly Olde England’s effort to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. The final 5 does include one old white English guy whom everyone knows has no chance; a female African immigrant; two white English women who combined have the intellect and knowledge of a below-average six year old; and an Indian who is his rich wife’s toy boy.

What is a man, indeed?


H’mm. Yuh maybe you’re getting close to it. There are some species where the males are pretty …negligible. Teensy little critters whose only function is to eject seed and die, sometimes at the agency of the female, sometimes during the very act of procreation.
Still, though, how illogical and Un-self-aware is it that nobody even thinks of the question?


Keep riffing; you’re funny!