2023 Lifetime account fundraiser: Rare usernames and 11 chances to win

I am considering donating to Proton fundraiser, see link below. Note that a list of organizations where proceeds go is at the bottom of this post.

All proceeds, along with a $100,000 contribution from Proton, will go to 10 organizations that were nominated by the Proton community, with a portion of the funds also going to support some of the organizations that we have previously supported. The 10 organizations we’re supporting this year are:

  • Bellingcat
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation
  • Tor
  • Tactical Tech
  • Public Knowledge
  • La Quadrature du Net
  • Liberties
  • Bits of Freedom
  • Forbidden Stories
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres

Apparently one of the usernames being auctioned off is the single letter ‘x’. Has anyone told Elon?