21 Employees of Blue Origin Sign Open Letter Alleging Sexism, Lack of Safety Focus, and Toxic Work Environment

An open letter by 21 former Blue Origin employees has been posted on the site Lioness. Amid the usual gripes found in these kinds of letters lies one interesting paragraph:

Following a 2018 Supreme Court decision cementing the legality of arbitration agreements, Bezos quietly mobilized an initiative to have all employees sign away their right to resolve employment disputes in court or to speak out about harassment or discriminatory conduct. In 2019, Blue Origin leadership requested that all employees sign new contracts with a non-disparagement clause binding them and their heirs from ever saying something that would “hurt the goodwill of the company.” Contracts for some departing employees now mandated they pay the corporation’s legal fees if the corporation chose to sue them for breach of contract. The inner circle of leadership tracked who signed, and discussed contingency plans for those who did not.

Salt to taste as our friend used to say.