9:30 am EST hack of NYSE?

I jumped the gun a “bit” here. I thought I saw the same glitch this morning, that occurred on Jan 24th, but it appears better than expected quarterly report by NUE was the source of today’s anomaly.

Jan 24th was the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) “human error” glitch that affected many stocks including NUE.


Chicago-based backup data center is meant to be manually turned on and off when the market closes.

Seriously? I am not a computer programmer or computer infrastructure guy, but this sounds as the kids say “sus”. The primary function of your business can be completely disrupted if Jimmy forgets to turn off or turn on the disaster recovery program or if Jimmy calls in sick? In my world, if this is true, some heads would roll.

Also, didn’t the NYSE have some other glitch just a few years ago that resulted in something similar. A big drop in prices?