A Cautionary Movie: The Mortal Storm (1940)

We just watched a movie on TCM - The Mortal Storm. Since history has a way of repeating itself, it was difficult to choose a Scanalyzer category. It might just as well have been Context or Continuity. Since tyranny seems to just keep happening with variations on a theme, I chose The Happening World. It is a chilling cautionary tale - from the front lines of everyday life of ordinary people - of how a decent society is successfully transformed into a monstrous tyranny through revolution perpetrated by a zealous minority. These true believers in their own superiority accused others - especially Jews - of being guilty of practicing - ‘drum roll’ - superiority!! Talk about solipsism. Sound familiar?

This film tells the tale of a 1930’s family in a small university town in mountainous Germany. The family is mixed. The father, second husband of the mother of two children from her first marriage and two fathered by this husband, Professor Roth, who is a Jewish professor of physiology. The story is set at the time Hitler becomes chancellor and Prof. Roth is promptly condemned for stating the fact that blood of Aryans is no different from any other. The Nazi students storm out of his class en masse, in protest.

In short order, brownshirts begin bullying Jews and any minor non-conformity by anyone. Failure to stand and sing patriotic songs with sufficient fervor results in summary beatings, arrest and disappearance. Mere silence was deemed to be unpatriotic and quickly became dangerous. Sound familiar?

With every changing scene, I shuddered at the parallels to today. Virtually every Nazi brownshirt tactic can be seen in today’s MSM headlines and bylines. Yesterday, for example, we learned that availability of treatments of Covid in NYC - like lifesaving monoclonal antibodies - will be racially based, with POC’s heading the list! The same “impossibilities” became banal daily events in Germany in the 1930’s.

Our form of expanding tyranny is slightly more refined and subtle - so far, mainly because instead of a highly-visible strongman representing the state, we have an infirm, incoherent marionette, who appears unthreatening. The subtlety of our no less malignant, metastatic tyranny makes it appear less dangerous. But the deep state is not, especially in light of its neo-fascist combination with big business, big tech and the MSM. Even as we all obsess over Covid and global warming and white supremacists under every rock, society is crumbling.

The state only vigorously prosecutes the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell and white collar “criminals” (anyone in a profession or business can be construed to be a “criminal”), not those who smash & steal in broad daylight or carjack or invade homes. Since the racial distribution of violent criminal activity - as is known to all - more resembles the NFL than society at large, this likely represents an effort to achieve “equity” (=equality of results in penitentiary populations). It has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with prejudice - by punishing white heterosexual males. As in Nazi Germany, prejudice was not wrong; it was required, provided one hated the “correct” groups. Sound familiar? (it should - see CRT)

Anyway, while we’re all distracted with such ‘news’, (anti-) social media onanism in an entertainment-decerebrated society, every institution (see Scanalyzer Scientific American Goes Woke or Zerohedge Biden wants to Woke Up Your Doctor) has become ‘woke’. These are just a few of thousands of examples of how the ‘woke’ religious tyranny has spread its claws throughout every institution - government and NGO. If none of these has yet impacted your life, you are fortunate. Eventually they will. So far, a number have only lost their jobs and friends for non obedience. Only a few have been incarcerated (and horribly disproportionately punished, like the Jan.6 victims), but many more will follow. What, you haven’t signed your mandatory “anti-racism” oath?

As the movie concluded - WWII just beginning to unfold - I was asking myself: based on what I just watched - a credible, realistic story of how the Nazis ground game worked - how can it be resisted? How can the eerily similar events now occurring here, be stopped. The only workable answer, I believe, can no longer be organized by groups. It cannot even be stated in print of any kind, since any objection to (much less resistance) woke dogma will be searched out and punished. The internet (and cell phones), after all, has become a ubiquitous surveillance apparatus. Organize and you will be convicted in the MSM and soon in court, of being “domestic terrorists”, even as the real terrorists are protected by the police! Remember the lawyers in St. Louis defending themselves from mayhem and their property from a mob? They were the ones prosecuted! So, the answer can only come from millions of individuals, not organized, one at a time, who have the courage to do what is necessary in the moment - regardless of the consequences!

This film makes it painfully clear that we are at the same inflection point at which Germany found itself in 1933. We saw how that turned out and this film shows a pristine deconstruction of just how it unfolded at the outset. Without “by any means necessary” acts by many, many, individuals and families as critical situations arise for them, America is finished. The end can happen overnight. It is no longer in some vague future. The tinder and kindling are dry and in place. Many sparks are being lit on the left, which has all the flints and voices that count. If many, many of us, individually, are not prepared to put “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” on the line regardless of consequences, we are on the verge of losing, finally, even the idea of what was once America. Nothing less is at stake.

Watch the movie.


A relevant snippet from commentator Subotai Bahadur on another site:

Tony Jugt’s book, “Postwar- a History of Europe Since 1945.” Below, he is speaking of local administrations in some Nazi–occupied western European countries:

“The local administrations in France, Norway and the Benelux countries had not covered themselves in glory. On the contrary, they had on the whole performed with alacrity the occupiers’ bidding. In 1941 the Germans were able to run occupied Norway with just 806 administrative personnel. The Nazis administered France with just 1,500 of their own people. So confident were they of the reliability of the French police and militias that they assigned (in addition to their administrative staff) a mere 6,000 German civil and military police to ensure the compliance of a nation of 35 million. The same was true in the Netherlands.

Maybe the only solution to the Woke problem will be something like Gandhi’s mass civil disobedience campaign. But that would require large numbers of us to risk our lives and sacred honor.

Things will have to get worse before there is a chance of them getting better. The optimist might note that economic realities ensure things will indeed get worse.