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Stock cue SOUND: “Presenting SCANALYZER, Engrelay Satelserv’s unique thrice-per-day study of the big big scene, the INdepth INdependent INmediate INterface between you and your world!”


Stock cue VISUAL: cliptage, wholescreen, planet Earth turning jerk-jerk-jerk and holding meridians for GMT, EST, PCT, Pacific Conflict Zone Time.

Live cue SOUND: “And it’s six poppa-momma for the happening people keeping it straight and steady on that old Greenwich Mean Time—how mean can time get, you tell me, hm? Zee for zero, bee for base, counting down to one after ess ee eks—sorree—ess EYE eks! We know what’s happening happening HAPPENING but that piece of the big big scene is strictly up to you, Mr. and Mrs. Everywhere—or Mr. and Miss, or Miss and Miss, or Mister and Mister, take your pick, hah-hah! Counting down to one after one poppa-momma for that good old Eastern Standard tie-yum, one after ten anti-matter for the Pacific Coast, and for all of you fighting the good fight in lonely midocean one after seven anti-matter—PIPS!”

Clock cue: 5 × 1-sec. countdown pips on G in alt, minute signal on C in alt.

the happening world (1)

In the spirit of John Brunner’s breakthrough 1968 novel Stand on Zanzibar (buy it now: print, Kindle), SCANALYZER plugs you in to the happening world of the Roaring Twenties.

This resource consists of links to videos and other items, posted on public sites with open availability, on any topic I find of interest. I often watch off-the-wall videos on a multitude of subjects while doing routine administrative tasks which seem to occupy the vast majority of my time.

When posting a link, I include the title and URL. There is no need to include a lengthy description or review—res ipsa loquitur.

In keeping with Stand on Zanzibar, I categorise all items I post under one of the following: