Airbus thins the walls on the A350 to increase cabin width

Airbus said in a blog it was introducing a New Production Standard (NPS) to make A350s lighter and more flexible. Changes include scraping four inches off interior walls and making the cabin longer by moving a bulkhead and squeezing the cockpit.


30 more seats … that’s a big improvement.

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That still involves cutting an inch off the typical current seat width:

Currently most A350 economy cabins have nine 18-inch wide seats per row. The A350 NPS will boost that to 18.7 inches.

Airlines opting to add an extra seat per row to fly 10 abreast will have 17-inch wide seats. Industry sources say that makes it easier to sell the A350 to mainstream carriers who balk at the 16.4-inch seats offered on the current 10-abreast A350.

Only a handful of budget carriers have gone for that layout.

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My guess is that 17" wide seats won’t fly with North American or European countries - pun intended.

But it may be an option in Asia - India, China, Malaysia, etc.