Alvin Bragg vs Trump

Trump sent money to Cohen to pay Stormy Daniel in 2016. This is at worst a misdemeanor but statute of limitations has expired which is why Alvin elevated to a bogus felony.

  1. Why is this a campaign finance violation?

  2. Does Alvin have authority to prosecute campaign finance violations after FEC and SDNY federal prosecutors both decided not to fine or prosecute Trump?

  3. Campaign finance laws are federal? Bragg cannot prosecute federal crimes?

Any lawyers in the house in addition to @CTLaw ?

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If Trump used his personal money then there is no campaign finance infraction?

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Sorry to say we inhabit post- rule of law amerikka. Given “prosecutorial discretion”, forum shopping, and the fact that, given the sheer density and number of laws, virtually every act can be construed to be criminal. We have descended to Stalinism. The “law” is no longer relevant. Just stating the obvious.


John Edwards.paid off some socialite to cover up the fact that he had an illegitimate child with some woman while his wife was dying of cancer. And Jack Smith couldn’t convict him.
(funny how people still make fun of Palin, but nobody ever comments on Edwards’ spectacular implosion…:thinking:)

To me the biggest injustice, from everything I’ve read, is that there’s a “mystery crime” at the kernel of this specious cocoon. And as a lawyer, I don’t understand how a case where the accused is not informed of the exact charges could be going forward. And I’d think I am just not well informed about criminal,law, which isn’t my field—except that I keep reading Yoo and McCarthy and Turley and Dershowitz pointing out the same thing.

How long, O Lord……



I wanted to ask a “lawyer” about previous case law in NY as it pertains to campaign finance and falsification of business records etc

Bragg is funded by Soros. Enough said.


The “mystery” crime is confusing me.

Trump paid Stormy to stay quiet. And that is a crime because?

Because it helped him win the election!

But he lost NY state!

Alvin is prosecuting Trump for winning Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin!!!

I skimmed through the indictment. 34 counts of falsifying business records with intent to commit another crime.

What is the other crime?

Trump lawyers asked for another delay because prosecution dumped 50,000 pages of documents to review 3 weeks before the scheduled trial date in April.


I think the mystery crime is election interference. I base this on statements by Alvin and the SDNY attorneys in 2018 and former DA Vance.


Sorry, I missed your point. Though I am retired from the bar, my knowledge was always spotty. I was something of a dilettante, since I continued to practice medicine full time - so I don’t know the things you are after. That’s because, contrary to my a priori imaginings which led me to law school, it is cheaper for lawyers to hire medical expertise as needed rather than hire it in house full time. As well, I was far too diffident to start my own firm and “chase ambulances”. In fact, I was much more interested in health law (the regulatory apparatus which has departed completely from reality) and policy than the awful field of medical negligence.


No worries
I probably wasn’t clear enough
All good :+1:

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