An Invention for the All-Electric Military

You’ve probably heard about the Biden administration’s plans to make the U.S. military’s vehicles all electric by 2030.

On 2023-04-26, in testimony before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, energy secretary Jennifer Granholm (a lawyer with no experience in the energy sector) reiterated this plan.

This builds on Biden’s statement in Seattle in April 2022:

One of the things I found out as President of the United States, I get to spend a lot of that money,. We’re going to start the process where every vehicle in the United States military, every vehicle, is going to be climate-friendly — every vehicle — I mean it.

We’re spending billions of dollars to do it.

This has spurred a great deal of discussion as to how this might be accomplished, the logistics of installing charging stations in every battlefield on which U.S. troops might be called to fight, and whether the “vehicles” they’re speaking of include, say, tanks, fighter and cargo aircraft, and naval ships. On Twitter, user “@BrowningMachine”, invented the perfect solution: installing windmills on the roofs of Humvees so that while they were driving the wind would keep their batteries topped up. This is in the spirit of my 1994 invention, the “Cosmic Background Radiation Space Drive”.

Now, obviously, the “way forward” now becomes clear.


He then proceeded to ask ChatGPT to write the grant proposal.


This sounds more persuasive than most of the “Green New Deal”, which includes, as just one item:

Upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximal energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability, including through electrification.

to be done within ten years.


GIGO on the grandest scale yet.


Oh yes, we can schedule raising of the PRC flag over Taiwan following several EMP’s to further degrade the oh-so-green ‘electrfied’ US military soon after Jan. 1, 2031. Schlock and Withdraw.


A corrupt very old man said: "… every vehicle, is going to be climate-friendly — every vehicle — I mean it."

Presumably this means none of those climate friendly vehicles is going to rely on minerals and rare earths mined using fossil fuels, or transported using fossil fuels, or processed using fossil fuels. That is quite a challenge!


Are they also going to ban black powder as propellant for their mega-tons of projectiles? Electrify the F-35? I can hardly wait to see the vehicles designed to haul the batteries to recharge the Tesla tanks, heavy supply vehicles, vegan MRE’s and the rail guns which will have to replace every imaginable type of projectile. The entire us (sic) military is in the process of transitioning - from warriors to NPC’s. I would love to be a fly on a military planning wall in Beijing and Moscow.


Granholm’s a Canadian. So she is clearly a winter warfare expert who will volunteer to be dropped into Siberia in the winter to fight her way back home across the ice pack with only a solar-powered snow mobile and a battery-powered hand held rail gun.


Making a Humvee that only gets ~7MPG already even heavier and cutting the range in half will surely limit the number of foreign wars we get involved in. Not so easy to go around stealing oil (lithium?) when the truck shuts off before you get there.


Make sure she is dropped above the Arctic Circle in winter time. While waiting in the dark for the evil Ruskies come after her in their gasoline-powered snowmobiles, she would have time to recognize some of the limitations of solar-powered vehicles.


This grant proposal will never pass – the amounts are too small.


Smart people will do the best given the circumstances, good or bad politics.

Even with a pure military power metric, I can see a number of ways that hybrid vehicles could really win over internal combustion engines. Electric engines are light and explosive.

I also wouldn’t mind research into super-stable modular nuclear power plants to power all those electric vehicles.


If a current tank has a fuel capacity of 400 gallons, how does one charge an electric tank that will presumably need more due to the greater weight? How does one charge a small unit of four tanks and four infantry fighting vehicles?

There is no analog to having one private per vehicle carrying jerry cans to keep vehicles topped off. your nuclear powered recharging vehicle will have to be very exposed at all times. You’ll have to stop movement for several hours per day to charge up these vehicles. If you are charging them all at once, they’ll have to be clustered very close together and make a nice big target.

With fossil fuel vehicles, even if your tank truck has only a single pump, You can fill all the vehicles in less than an hour. Plus, only one vehicle at a time needs to be at the fuel truck. The others can be in defensive positions.


Done with solar cells and windmills supplied by the PRC


Fast charging can be accomplished using ultra-capacitors that I mentioned here Electric Vehicle Charging, July 11, 1917 - #2 by eggspurt

Hybrids could be exceptionally useful for military applications, and they use ordinary fuel.

Electric car technology has certain capabilities that fundamentally change what a vehicle is and what it can be. Here’s something from more than 5 years ago:


What does fast charging do to battery life? Oh, wait… I guess it doesn’t matter because… taxpayers.


It might matter if the countries that supply the essential lithium and the other materials the Swamp Creatures refuse to produce in the US decided to impose sanctions on the US. Sauce for the goose, etc.

Or what if the likes of Ukrainian activists in rented sailboats decided to sink a few cargo ships carrying those essential materials to the US? It would only take one or two ships going down to send insurance rates to unaffordable highs.

Our Betters can print dollars. They seem to have forgotten there are lots of other things which they can’t print.


Ultracapacitors have high power density but low energy density. Thus, in your video’s example, it appears the busses charge up at each stop with enough energy to get to the next stop. Even with an order of magnitude improvement over the past decade, that’s nothing in combat.


Based on the Lightning’s towing performance , I don’t think the electric vehicle could be counted on to even tow a generator to charge another stalled out vehicle.

There are times I think these people intentionally push the boundary of stupid to see just how much they can get away with. During COVID I was joking that that would say wear two masks. Then they did and I about fell over. Wear two masks and put your left pinky in your ear for ultimate protection.

The sad thing is that the bottom has not yet been plumbed. Several years ago I was traveling with a friend. We stopped to eat at a bar and soon my friend was in an argument with a millennial. The millennial was not only convinced that women are better than men in all sports, he was angry anyone would have the audacity to argue the point. We have two generations now that have absolutely no contact with reality.


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I hear you. But politicos will dump a few hundred billion if not more for electrifying the military. It might be reckless and ideological - but why not take that money and do something useful with it? There are new opportunities, and military has always been about being one step ahead of the enemies.

You mean – like making sure they have a bigger manufacturing base than their enemies, and having a bigger pool of fit motivated potential recruits, and having domestic sources of supply for critical minerals & computer chips, and enough domestic fuels to supply all the potential needs? Yes, that would be worth investing a few hundred billion before starting fights with the big boys!