Antidepressant vs. "Horse De-wormer"

Have you noticed that, out of nowhere based on a single study (is all I have found) suddenly fluvoxamine, a generic antidepressant which has been around for some time, is being touted as an effective early treatment for Covid? Still ivermectin is treated as though ingesting it is tantamount to eating plutonium. This, despite the fact that there are numerous studies - including double blind studies and meta-analyses (= “science”) - showing moderately good evidence of its benefit. There were no serious side effects in any of the studies.

Does anyone understand where this narrative comes from? Was it simply that - Trump existed, was President and uttered the word “ivermectin”?? What is with these people? Saying they are nuts is way too kind. They are surely something far more malevolent.


Are some people trying to facilitate recreational use/abuse?


From all I’ve read, I’m sure the Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin IS effective against Covid. But how? My BMD says he can’t see why an anti-parasitic works against a virus.
I reckon this is an instance of what my father, also a doctor, used to say: all medicines have side effects, and the primary effect may not even be the one for which it’s usually prescribed.

OTOH, the extreme knee-jerk hostility to ANY suggestion that Covid might be treatable is mind-boggling. It’s like, if we can’t prevent or “eradicate” it, then people deserve to suffer and even die of it. I can’t remember medicine ever taking this posture before.


If there is an effective treatment for Covid which reduces the risk of contracting it to no greater than the regular seasonal influenza, then there is no need or justification for lockdowns, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, mask requirements, school closures, rent moratoriums, stimulus checks, “building back better”, unprecedented deficit spending and money printing, and all of the other measures which are fundamentally about ways for the élite to control the general population.

They aren’t even trying to hide their agenda. The World Economic Forum (WEF), who puts on the Davos Supervillain Conference every year, has a Web site titled “The Great Reset”, which begins with a quote from Bond villain and WEF Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” The site contains articles such as “3 ways COVID-19 could actually spark a better future for Africa”, “New York’s plan to become a fairer city after COVID-19”, and “We must not hold on to yesterday’s economy as we rebuild”.

Here is an hour long discussion of the Great Reset with Klaus Schwab, who forgot his white cat that day.


I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out. Now that you have said it, the answer is obvious. I guess that’s why it is working so well. Answering the question qui bono this way when it comes to Covid lends much credence to “conspiracy theories” suggesting it was planned; I have friends in Switzerland who call it a ‘plandemic’. Since the “global warming” scares didn’t create enough control, something else was clearly required.

When the bottom falls out (as seems closer every day), TPTB know the masses will beg them to perfect their present quasi-enslavement. Maybe our only hope is the next coronal mass ejection. That might level the battlefield by denying elites the digital weapons they wield so effectively in what George Gilder calls "the Google system of the world. Failing that, there may be hope if/when restoration of the original peer-to-peer internet ushers in a shot at escape from the hierarchical top-down internet of today, with its ability to censor and control ‘reality’.