Astra LV0007 Launch

Remember the Astra launch from Alaska in August where the rocket went sideways?

Well, they’re going to try again, and this time make it go straight up.

The launch is scheduled for 06:00 UTC on 2021-11-19. Coverage on the livestream will start one hour before the start of the launch window. These launches are often delayed or re-scheduled.

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The launch attempt on 2021-11-19 was scrubbed a little more than ten minutes to liftoff. If the problem, which was not disclosed, is resolved in time, the next launch window will open at 06:00 UTC on 2021-11-20.

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Here is the live stream for the second launch attempt, which is planned to start at 05:00 UTC on 2021-11-20.

The flight was a complete success. I have cued the video to start one minute before launch; scroll back if you wish to watch the preliminaries.

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