AstraZeneca Pulls COVID Vaccine After Admitting Rare Side Effect


It was known from the get-go that this vaccine caused blood clots.


About time to remember the VAERS database too… amazing how our betters developed selective attention and a very sophisticated set of explanations to wave all that stuff away.

Fairly certain we’ll soon learn more … the truth wants to come out.

Almost like clockwork, the “scarf lady” and Chris Cuomo get together again to surprise us: Cuomo with his newfound appreciation for the horrible horse paste (ivermectin), and Birx with her “open and frank” discussion that vaccine injuries may actually be Long Covid (!).

Who had these developments on their bingo card??


but It’s Not JUST The Astra-Zeneca! It’s Only The Beginning!

Looks like the words of a well-informed source :roll_eyes:


Here is the full article


VAERS is so polluted with biased misreports that it’s no longer a reliable source of data.

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Sure… and mRNA shots are “safe and effective” because their manufacturers said so.

It’s hard to “buy” the implied “open and shut” dismissal of VAERS data in a world where data analysis can often tease out insights from the noisiest sources. Suppose, for instance, that one were to look at something very basic: check the initial 1-3 months of VAERS data after the shots became available and compare that with an equivalent initial snapshot of VAERS data for prior vaccines.

Here’s another idea - how about investigating the Pfizer and Moderna initial trial data and examining it to determine the validity of early cutoff? Oh, wait… it’s been done already, with the obligatory rebuttal non-rebuttal being pushed out by the main stream media (example)

Prior to the mRNA warp speed approach, new vaccine development would typically take 10-15 years or longer before it became available (source), with most deployed vaccines showing nearly no VAERS signal.

So what one would have to believe for the narrative of VAERS signal uncorrelated to mRNA shot deficiencies to hold is that either an absolutely insane excess of unneeded caution was the standard procedure for developing vaccines prior to warp speed, or that an obscure (until 2021) government system became the tip of the spear in a coordinated pushback against the shots. Don’t know, but VAERS seemed to work well enough to intercept (at least) two prior failed vaccines, yet it was strangely ignored when it became politically expedient to do so.

But yes, VAERS is polluted with biased misreports, meanwhile adolescents and fit athletes drop dead on sports fields. Got it.


Sigh. I’m coming to the conclusion that the Gell-Mann amnesia effect is applicable to more than just newspapers.


Operation warp speed seemed rushed at the time and in hindsight.

Moderna reputation was suspect before covid and mRNA is a new type of therapy. We don’t know the long term effects.

The questions about safety are troubling because in the past criticism of FDA was too much emphasis on safety if there is such a thing. Remember Vioxx in 2002 and 2003? What a fiasco.

The mandates were unconscionable especially for children and adolescents and adults under age 50.

Obesity or high body mass index was highly correlated with COVID deaths.

We still don’t have a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus!


And we won’t. Remember the taunt ‘If vaccines are so great, why don’t we have one for the common cold?’? The answer was straightforward enough: It mutates too fast. (Think colds going through schools, kids bringing them home, families all getting the cold and recovering in a few days - and then a new cold hitting.) The common cold, that superfast-mutating virus, is a member of the … wait for it… Coronavirus family. Can anybody think of another coronavirus? The answer is not a vaccine, but symptomatic treatment. Focus on care of worst-hit individuals while everyone else covers coughs and sneezes, stays home only when ill. Of course, that’s traditional, boring, no headlines there.


And insufficient opportunities for graft. Nor new tools for coercing the masses. :man_shrugging:


You mean these?

It gets better, see Baric’s 2006 paper: Vaccine Efficacy in Senescent Mice Challenged with Recombinant SARS-CoV Bearing Epidemic and Zoonotic Spike Variants

These shortcomings necessitate that vaccine candidates be tested in other animal systems and underscore the critical need for the development of highly pathogenic challenge models for vaccine and therapeutic testing.

So, this means, they should take SARS1, mutate it (say through serial passage) - make it more pathogenic, so that vaccines can be challenged… And what do you get?

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