Astro-Skeleton—An Astronomical Mechanical Clock

Under development since 2006 (see the detailed development log here, with links and illustrations of the project’s evolution from concept in 2006 through completion in October 2021), Astro-Skeleton has, as Hackaday reports,

a four train, quarter striking movement with the fourth train driving the astronomical systems … including a 400-year perpetual calendar, tide clock, solar and lunar eclipse prediction, a planisphere to show the constellations, and even a thermometer. And, as if those weren’t enough, the clock sports both a tellurion to keep track of the Sun-Earth-Moon system and a full orrery out to the orbit of Saturn, including all the major moons.”

Here is a more detailed video showing the mechanism in operation, including accelerated operation of the astronomical functions.

The following are playlists of videos showing development, testing, and demonstration of the clock from 2019–2020 and 2021.


If Rube Goldberg (an engineer) had OCD and ADD, successfully treated with Dexedrine - he might have come up with this. Pretty impressive.