Avi Loeb—What If They Are Already Here?

Dr Avi Loeb is professor of astronomy at Harvard University, chairman of the board on physics and astronomy at the National Academy of Sciences, and founder of the Galileo Project at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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Too long, only watched first 6 minutes. Interesting concept. I am in the category of ‘skeptic’, but could be persuaded by evidence the project aims to collect (if they find any).

There is evidence it’s the UAP US Navy evidence some of which I already knew 50 years ago from CIA DOD connected people including George Koopman.

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I tend to think like Neal Stephenson. It’s a lot of energy and time to get here just to hang out.

It seems a bit like human arrogance. The super advanced just want to check us out. We are just that important.