Bad Kreuznach, Germany—Where People Pay to Inhale Radon

In Germany, some doctors prescribe and health insurance pays for “radon inhalation therapy” to treat chronic pain. Here is the brochure for the ACURADON healing tunnel in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Does it work? How? What is the cancer risk? Here is a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in December 2020, “Radon Exposure—Therapeutic Effect and Cancer Risk”, full text [PDF]. Here is the abstract.

Largely unnoticed, all life on earth is constantly exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation. Radon, an imperceptible natural occurring radioactive noble gas, contributes as the largest single fraction to radiation exposure from natural sources. For that reason, radon represents a major issue for radiation protection. Nevertheless, radon is also applied for the therapy of inflammatory and degenerative diseases in galleries and spas to many thousand patients a year. In either case, chronic environmental exposure or therapy, the effect of radon on the organism exposed is still under investigation at all levels of interaction. This includes the physical stage of diffusion and energy deposition by radioactive decay of radon and its progeny and the biological stage of initiating and propagating a physiologic response or inducing cancer after chronic exposure. The purpose of this manuscript is to comprehensively review the current knowledge of radon and its progeny on physical background, associated cancer risk and potential therapeutic effects.

This is the conclusion:

In summary, experimental research on the effects of radon exposure is needed on multiple levels. For risk assessment related to different exposure scenarios including therapeutic application, the estimations of organ doses and mechanisms of intake and elimination of radon and its progeny have to be underpinned with more solid experimental measurements. The clinical applications have to be further analyzed in high quality and placebo-controlled trials, accompanied by biomedical investigations, to increase the level of evidence of the therapy as well as for assessment of potential side effects. This will help not only the patients directly in enhancing their mobility, but also might have a positive socioeconomic effect for an aging population.

“More work required.”


Well, cleaning out the useless old folk does reduce elder-care expenses. Eugenic bastards.