BasedCon 2022

In 2021, independent science fiction author Robert Kroese (The Dream of the Iron Dragon and sequels, Mammon and sequels, Starship Grifters, etc.) decided to stop complaining about the take-over of science fiction mainstream publishing, fandom, and conventions and do something about, organising the first BASEDCON, described as:

BasedCon is a gathering for authors and fans of science fiction and fantasy. Whether you’ve never been to a con before or you’re a frequent con-goer who is tired of having social justice propaganda shoved in your face, BasedCon is the place for you!

Despite the still-raging COVID hysteria, it was a great success and, a larger at the same venue in Norton Shores, Michigan, this year’s was secured for the 2022 event , which took place last week-end, 2022-09-09 through 2022-09-11. Guests included many of the stars of the newest wave of sane science fiction writers including Travis J. I. Corcoran (The Powers of the Earth, Escape the City), Hans Schantz (The Hidden Truth and sequels), and John Carmack, creator of Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, and consulting chief technical officer of Oculus.

Here is the programme for the 2022 convention, ranging from artificial intelligence, space battles, adapting books into role playing games, religion in science fiction, and how to make an audio book.

If you missed the event and wish you’d been there, here are complete video recordings of the whole thing: three hours from Friday, eleven hours from Saturday, and three hours from Sunday. Enjoy!

Update: revised to correct an error in original—the 2022 convention was in the same venue as 2021; Robert Kroese notes, “It’s a pretty big place”. (2022-09-12 23:37 UTC)


A welcome resource for avoiding a dollop of ‘social justice’ in my SF reading. It isn’t all that easy (aside from JW’s Reading List).


Check out Hans Schantz’s Based Fall Book Sale, all for U$0.99 or less. with many titles free.

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I signed up for the updates and look forward to the 2023 Con.


John Carmack can talk a lot… after sitting through his 5+ hours podcast with Lex, hearing him here gives me a bit of PTSD. But in a good way. He does have a lot of interesting ideas and has clearly been thinking about things for a while.

Nice Skynet logo t-shirt :slight_smile:


Mike LaRouche would love the “Come and Read It” flag. HA!

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