Biden DHS Calls For Heightened Terrorist Threat

This was published in Epoch Times. Interestingly there is no evidence provided to any of this.

An interesting snippet from FedGov’s bulletin:
“As COVID-19 restrictions continue to decrease nationwide, increased access to commercial and government facilities and the rising number of mass gatherings could provide increased opportunities for individuals looking to commit acts of violence to do so, often with little or no warning.”

Are the bureaucrats hoping to replace the Covid restrictions with Terrorist Lock Downs? Simply to keep us all safe, of course.

The bulletin also mentions at least $277 Million of freshly-printed currency being handed out to various non-profits, etc to help protect them from terrorists and horn-honkers.


They are starting to give me terroristic thoughts!


No they have global warming for that. What this is is a direct attack on human rights and the freedom to act politically in opposition to the Left. We are the new jihadis. There is a proper response to this but nobody wants to do it.


The regimes are losing their grip and they’re running scared. Trudeau went into hiding. Mumbly Joe has been in hiding for most of the last couple of years. There are protests in many European capitals and in Australia. The various regimes had expected to exploit Covid to keep a lid on indefinitely but it’s not working, They overplayed their hand; the tipping point was probably when they started forcing poorly tested vaccines on children for whom the cost/benefit calculus made no sense.

It’s no surprise that the elimination of Covid restrictions scares the bejesus out of the managerial class. It’s by no means certain that they will fail. The white pill is that they’re incompetent; they couldn’t run a lemonade stand, much less an anti-terrorism operation. On the other hand, the public is mostly risk-averse because life is comfortable — there’s plenty of junk food and Netflix: bread and circuses. That’s why the trucker revolt is so dangerous. Rebellious truckers and farmers can’t stop Netflix but they can turn off the food. What are ya gonna do then, li’l Justin and Poopy-pants?


I know you like to rely on the fact that these “elites” are dumb as a box of rocks, but don’t underestimate them. Remember these dumb SOBs managed, in under a year, to completely change the psyche of the entire society. There is a pretty sizeable plurality in this country that will never WANT to go back to “normal” as it was on March 2, 2020. This plurality is a pretty much lock step voting bloc for the Demoncrap party, and every election is going to have to fend off this rabid band of merry idiots.

Additionally, this roll back of COVID stupidity is just going to be repeated with global warming. They have already told us that this is their next move. The WEF just spent a week and a half telling us that their focus is now shifting to GW and that COVID is so last year, daddy-o. And COVID did a great service for these knuckle-dragging morons: it identified for “them” who the trouble makers are when they do start going into GW tyranny mode. They have identified the rabble rousers and they are about to unleash 2007 Surge-style “anti-terrorism” against us, the citizens of an apparent “free” country. At this rate, when you take a real sober look at how they are treating us and how they view us, it would have been worth it to have burned the entire Capital to the ground. Might as well, they have crafted a narrative where that is what happened anyway.


We agree. The public is compliant and thus made a soft target for the managerial class to practice their evil. I also agree that they’re not all stupid and incompetent. It’s not all good news. However, the number of competent people is small and they lack expertise in key areas. Sure, they’re smart but don’t have certain kinds of practical knowledge. Even the smart ones never had a real job that had to produce anything besides propaganda, hence the lemonade-stand crack. The truckers have been very smart, organized, and learned from the mistakes of others.

Covid lockdowns were a test-run for climate lockdowns. After all, if there’s a climate emergency, everyone has to stay home to save Gaia. Once the tools are in place, it’s easy to deploy them in service of other things. This is why self-driving vehicles present such a potential danger; the state can control citizens’ mobility completely. At present, they can put you on a no-fly list and make you wear a face diaper on public transportation but you can still drive yourself. It’s awkward and cumbersome to put up roadblocks everywhere.

So, yes, we are in an epic struggle and it’s far from clear that we will win. There are some powerful forces arrayed against us. It can’t be all black pills. Several people, including James Corbett, have made the point that black pills are part of an effort to demoralize the opposition. Corbett and Michael Malice dispense both white and black pills. Recall that Corbett has a whole series called Solutions Watch, which is nothing but white pills.

Nothing would make our opponents happier than if you gave up and accepted their inevitable victory. It’s not inevitable. Let’s go Brandon.


Doc, these are the people who I call the credentialed moron. You know the person: has multiple advance degrees in this and that but can’t drive their GD car straight while also going with the flow of traffic. They have all the titles in the world, but they couldn’t tie their own shoes without drooling on themselves first. Credentialed Moron ™.


Maybe not the same, but similar to what Nassim Taleb calls intellectual yet idiot.


Yes but credentialed moron seems like more of an insult. “Intellectual” signifies some sort of compliment.