Bolwoningen—Spherical Houses in the Netherlands

There seems to be a rule that the more “creative” the architect, the more likely the building is to leak. Do they all own stock in caulk companies?

I’m sure it dawned on somebody in the process of approving this “publicly funded” exercise in “experimental housing” that a sphere provides the least interior volume for the volume of the enclosing cube and hence the footprint on the ground. Then there’s the problem of trying to fit furniture, which is stodgily square in outline, into rooms with spherical section walls without large amounts of wasted space. And the caulk….

If I lived in one of these houses, I’d have nightmares about some giant showing up with an enormous cue stick.

Here is more about Bolwoningen from Messy Nessy.

Here is a 21 minute promotional video on Bolwoningen from 1984 in authentic 240p blur-o-vision.


Netherlands. I love the Dutch language. It’s like a blend of German, English, and Epileptic. It’s fairly intelligible to an English speaker with some German exposure.

I assumed that the elevated spherical shape was functional in an area prone to flooding. But, the 1250 kg. weight suggests a lack of robustness.


After a week in Amsterdam, I described it as “German, spelled by Bart Simpson”.