Bret Kugelmass on Small Modular Nuclear Fission Reactors

Bret Kugelmass is founder and CEO of Last Energy, which is developing a small modular nuclear fission reactor, the PWR-20, with an output of 20 megawatts of electricity and the ability to provide process heat where required. The reactor fits inside a standard ocean shipping container and is delivered to the site ready to connect to the electrical grid. It uses 4.95% percent enriched uranium fuel and a closed-cycle air cooling system that requires no cooling water source or cooling towers. A complete installed plant will occupy a space around 100 metres square and cost about US$ 100 million per unit. The first reactors are scheduled to go into service in Poland in 2025 and the United Kingdom in 2026.


I know of at least six sites in New York State that have defunct coal burners but which still have an active railroad spur and the necessary connection to the electrical grid.

What are we waiting for?



It’d be faster to refurb the coal burners.