“Build Back Better”—US$ 3 Billion for “Tree Equity”


Here is the full text of the bill [PDF]. It also allocates US$ 2.24 billion for a “Civilian Climate Corps” whose members are to be “compensated at not less than 200 percent of the annual Federal poverty line”.


There is also a proposal to give $450,000 per person to illegal immigrant families who were separated at the border “under the Trump administration”. This rule long preceded Trump, but that fact is omitted. It is amazing how that memory hole knows precisely when & where to appear.


When the Best & Brightest are proposing to spend $Trillions they do not have, spending a mere 0.1% of that on trees does not sound so bad. Unfortunately, most of the $Billions spent for this will in fact go to hiring Diversity Outreach Coordinators, building them a nice office in the best part of town, and buying them imported Toyota 4-wheel drive trucks (maybe electric?) so they can drive over the rough land where the peons are planting trees – maybe running over some of the trees in the process.

For scale, State Forestry in my area sells saplings for volunteers to plant – $1.63 each. At that rate $3 Billion would pay for about 1.8 Billion saplings, about enough to put one tree on each acre of the continental US – if we could find the room between all the existing trees. Of course, there would be a supply chain issue. As the saying goes – Only God can make a tree.




And the goal is that, as for Orwell’s poor Winston Smith, we will all, alas, love the state for stealing only some minuscule and ever shrinking amount less than the value of what we produce (even if, true to 1984 form, we are regularly told we are really keeping more [they have been practicing in order to perfect the memory hole, you may have noticed]).


Deeper depression.

I regret being the messenger when it comes to your partaking in my depression. I don’t believe it is simply a case of misery loving company. Objectively, things are not good.

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My friend, I totally agree. Thank you for your writing.


The best therapy Civil, is to live the rest of your non political observatory life with as much joy and gusto as you can muster.
Live as if you were white pilled as apposed to black pilled like you and I are.


For $3 billion, Elon Musk could achieve real tree equity by finding a way to plant them on Mars.


What does “tree equity” mean? Arboreal diversity?
If we’re transposing tnis wokespeak on the plant world, then what about a hurtful phrase like “invasive species”?


“Undocumented migrant vegetation”


U.S. vice president Kamala (“Bad LPC”) Harris asks NASA if, in the interest of “environmental justice”, they can “track , by race, their averages of the number of trees in the neighbourhood where people live”.

I think what she was asking was the density of trees in communities of various racial makeup in the interest of “tree equity”.

In any case, it’s a clown show. But, hey, it’s only costing U.S. taxpayers US$ 13.8 million dollars a minute [PDF].


Tracking trees is difficult. Turn your back, and those babies move! :grinning:

climate co-benefits ??? Dem lobbyists are too creative for their own good. K-street and dems will have to find a new line of work in 2023 – but what productive work are they qualified to do ???