California delenda est

Everyone already knows the ‘blue states’ are going down the tubes. Nevertheless, some events hit home because they have a personal connection. This is one of those.

The story linked below is about a brutal rape in an LA suburb at the end of July. It caught my eye because I recognized the site of the attack: a place I passed every day on my way to work. The victim was attacked by a transient (i.e., a bum) who had just been released from custody on his own recognizance after having been arrested on a weapons charge. According to the city attorney, the release “…was in accordance with the penal code.”

There is no sense in which this was a dangerous neighborhood. There is no justification for having allowed this bum back out on the street. And yet this is the state of affairs in the once-great place to live and work. My outrage level is at 11.

We left California in mid-July and it feels like that was just in time.


In only a part of my lifetime, California has changed from the End of the Rainbow to the End of the Sewer Pipe. Sad, but there it is.


Doc I’m glad you and your family escaped that hell hole.


“A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing, don’t you think?”

Great movie. The technical consultant on that film was a submariner who was helping us on a project at around the time of the film’s release. This was in the era before sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads.


Welcome to the new world, sir.


It seems like the old world, except that China’s now shipping fentanyl to the US, rather than Britain opium to China: