Canon sued over multifunction machines that won't scan if out of ink

Related is the shutoff of all functions on some printers if just one color has expired or run out. If I use it for B&W, why should I be forced to keep fresh color cartridges in that I never consume? I believe manufacturers were sued over this.

Do other manufacturers do this? If other manufacturers did likewise, that evidences collusion (which was not asserted). If others did not, that evidences an unreasonableness on Canon’s part and evidences that plaintiffs should not have expected the lockout. Yet neither seem addressed.

Another report of the case:



This is a tweet (since deleted) from Scott Adams earlier today.

Here’s the time in 2008 that I pronounced a vendor death penalty on Hewlett-Packard. This was picked up by Instapundit.


I would love to invoke a vendor death penalty on Apple, but as I read what is required to simply figure out what is going on and occasionally fix problems as John is able to do, I see it requires a vast knowledge base. I definitively lack that knowledge. It is truly galling to be stuck using companies I detest.

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Re Scott Adams’ now-disassembled Hewlett Packard printer – I cannot help but wonder if that was one of the earlier Chinese-made HP printers or the current Vietnam-made printers?

Either way, that long line of ships off the coast of California bringing in high-tech goods just got slightly longer. Scott Adams can certainly afford to pay for a new printer; but I wonder how the US will pay in the long term for the tidal wave of essential things we can no longer make for ourselves?