CCP ROLFLMAO As MAGA Voters Support DIU Program Targeting Them

The Unspeakable Thing In DC has Its “Defense Innovation Unit” announce Its latest “Initiative”:

With Biden making it abundantly clear that “the greatest threat” to The Unspeakable Thing In DC is “White Supremacy” one can rest assured any of Its “Initiatives” are intended to target MAGA voters.

Well, that is after Its primary mission:

Liquidating the USD World Reserve Currency status by saturating the National Wire with funds transfers to those with the requisite lack of principles. After all, they are Citizens Of The World who need lots of money so they can buy into foreign governments in the event they have to find somewhere to live where they are appreciated.

What may save MAGA voters’ bacon is the fact that The Unspeakable Thing In DC is really good at only one thing:

It’s primary mission (see above).

So in all likelihood the hundreds of millions of dollars going into Replicator are going to Replicate primarily more people pocketing money to buy into foreign governments.