Chinese Leadership

Samo Burja from Bismarck Analysis pointed out this particular former Minister of Science and Technology in the government of China and the chairman of one of the 8 political ‘parties’ within CCP, Wan Gang:

In 1991, Wan began to work in German Audi Corporation, in charge of computer virtualization of automobile in the R&D Department. Soon he originated a distinctive auto-developing system for the company. In 1996, he was promoted to technical manager in production and technology division, and took charge of informational manufacturing technology as well as management. His leadership and contribution in many technological innovations facilitated the production of Audi A4, car of a new generation, thus winning for the company huge economic profits. In 1994 and 1995, he was consecutively invited as guest professor and doctoral supervisor at Clausthal University of Technology and of Tongji University.

In the year of 2000, Wan made a strategic proposal (“Regarding Development of Automobile New Clean Energy as the Starting Line for Leap- Forward of China’s Automobile Industry ”) to the State Council of China to develop a new type of automobile propelled by new clean fuel, with a view to ushering Chinese auto industry onto a new stage. His proposal received the attention and support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Economic and Trade Commission. By the end of 2000, he returned China upon the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and appointed as chief scientist and group leader of the 863 Program key electric automobile projects assigned by Ministry of Science and Technology. Also, he took the responsibility of major supervisor to handle the most demanding part in this project ---- the developing of fuel cell sedan, which deals with the most complicated technologies as well as the heaviest working load. This project was nominated as one of the “Ten Greatest Scientific and Technological Progresses of Chinese Higher Schools in 2005”.

It’s true that fuel cells have not gone mainstream, but nevertheless, he’s overseen a dramatic jump in technological capability of China. It’s also exceedingly rare for engineers and innovators to come anywhere close to positions of political leadership anywhere else in the world.