Construction of a Sewage Pumping Station, Part 2: Installing the Wet Well

The “wet well” is the tank into which raw sewage flows before being pumped from a lift station to the treatment plant it feeds. The wet well for this station is assembled from pre-cast concrete segments, joined by elastomeric gaskets with grout on the inside of the joints. Would you be a little nervous about those seals holding up for, say, fifty years? I am.


Here is what was, until recently, an unquestionably necessary social construct. The science was settled - that is until cities in this formerly-united States have demonstrated clearly and convincingly that this particular construct and the facilitating individual behaviors required for it to function, may simply be dispensed with at will. Consequences? Those may only be seen nowadays after an epithet such as “racism” “…phobia”, “hate facts”, etc.

Ergo: ubiquitous ersatz toilets - formerly thought of as mere public spaces - now made public (in)conveniences! Communicable diseases? What are those? Unless it’s Covid, authorities have zero interest in them; we will surely soon be told they don’t exist. This laissez-faire model was apparently adopted from ICE, which, when those quaint rational public health policies still existed, used to quarantine immigrants at the border until proved free of disease. This sensible policy has been completely abandoned.

Screening of immigrants is now too “racist” as compared to introducing a pandemic of microbial origin. Rather, unknown individuals (which in the few photos allowed) consist exclusively of males of military age (called “children” by the MSM) are dispatched far and wide. Our tax dollars then put them on airplanes - with zero identification required of mere citizens - and distribute them widely, so as to assure efficient spread of various contagious diseases (did you know there have been outbreaks of several viral contagions in recent years? You can guess why you don’t know). Oh, and each and every one is given >$1000 walking around money.

The same authorities subsequently assure their D votes. Surely, you don’t think the lawlessness which pervades city and public health officials doesn’t extend to county voting officials who control who votes and which tabulate the “votes”. This post is about excrement and sewage. So, my screed is precisely on point!