COVID - it's not over

It’s not over. US hospital admissions.

Three big lulls so far, but it keeps coming back. Hospital admissions reflect severe cases, and those are well above the lowest levels seen. Deaths remain low, reflecting the combination of vaccination and the current variants being less lethal.

Understanding of the metabolic mechanisms of long COVID is improving. It’s much less mysterious than it was a year or two ago. It’s been known for a while to be an inflammation disease that can be seen in MRI scans. Now, the mechanism which causes inflammation is starting to be recognized.


I don’t know that evidence supports this. Whatever arguable effectiveness vaccines had against the initial Wuhan strain, it was almost certainly magnified in presentation to the public; it is widely accepted - even by the most ardent advocates of of their miraculous effectiveness - that the duration of their effect was measured in months, not years. Thus, I can’t see how any residual vaccine effect can be cited for decreased virulence of present infections.


What are you smoking?


Mortality is still well above the 2019 baseline, but vaccination indeed was the turning point in the trend:

using data from


Do cognitive deficits persist after COVID-19 and, if so, what is their biological basis?
We report one-year cognitive, serum biomarker, and neuroimaging findings in 351 patients



Everyone seems to be getting COVID

The hospital admissions rate for the US is at 35,000 people/week and climbing rapidly. The low point, last summer, was around 6,000/week. That’s when people started thinking it was over. (All time high, two years ago, was 150,000/week, but it only stayed that high for a few weeks.)

Paxlovid is available as a treatment. Needed in the first five days after infection. Reduces chance of hospitalization by about 89%. Costs about US$10 for a 30 day supply. Home tests are widely available and cheap. So are N-95 masks and vaccinations. All the tools that were hard to get two years ago are now in stock and well-tested.

Bear in mind that “endemic” does not mean “over”. It means “constantly present”.


Post-Omicron, COVID is a much less virulent infection with less severe consequences for people who get it. Despite all the hopeful fearmongering from interests aligned with the pharmaceutical industry, still looks like omicron has crowded out the other variants.

That’s not actually completely true. For instance, effective treatments like the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment made popular by you-know-who is no longer authorized by the FDA and not available.

Currently available treatments & interventions have either have failed to prove effective (vaccinations, masking), or have rebound issues (Paxlovid and Molnupiravir). Needless to say, the piece linked there reads like Pfizer “earned advertising” more than anything else.

Perhaps the biggest gap in my view is that nearly 4 years out, the main stream continues to push the same tired propaganda for mRNA shots, despite growing signals that not all is okay with what looks more and more like a rushed intervention (that didn’t work).

Yes, coronaviruses were circulating before COVID and unsurprisingly they will continue to circulate after COVID. Prior to the COVID unpleasantness, most winters would see spikes of colds and flus, which sometimes landed many people in the hospital with some unfortunately dying.

Lastly, COVID was a very effective political tool in the 2020 presidential election. Could it be that there is another election coming soon? Time to dust off the playbook of fear and propaganda? No, I’m shocked gambling is going on here :wink:


Re Regeneron: See What are the current anti-COVID-19 drugs? From traditional to smart molecular mechanisms | Virology Journal | Full Text, from 2023.

Regeneron is a brand name for a combination of casirivimab and imdevimab. It was apparently effective against the original COVID-19 virus and the Delta variant. But then came Omicron. “Unfortunately, the extensive mutations of the S protein of the Omicron variant and the subsequent high prevalence of Omicron subvariants resulted in a marked resistance to the action of the therapeutic neutralizing mAbs. (Anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies)” Omicron beat that entire category of drugs.


Regeneron is one of several exploratory alternatives that were pursued early on.

The larger point is that once it became painfully obvious that the government аппарат управления was committed to the mRNA approach irrespective of its efficacy, all other drug companies that did not have a promising mRNA intervention stopped sinking money into alternatives.

Omicron beat not just mAbs, but Delta and all the prior lineages of the OG COVID-19 up to that point in time. It’s ironic how little interest the “research community” has shown in understanding more clearly its origins, etc. Kind of makes you wonder about that Upton Sinclair line – “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Of course, the main stream media’s nearly complete political alignment makes discussing or reporting or just letting in other perspectives a non-starter. So much for the so-called “fourth estate”. Oh, wait…


Nicholas Wade has a new article in City Journal, published on 2024-01-25, about new evidence supporting the lab leak hypothesis for the origin of COVID-19.

New documents may explain why no one has been able to find the SARS2 virus (aka SARS-CoV-2) infesting a colony of bats, from which it might have jumped to people. The reason would be that the virus has never existed in the natural world. Documents obtained by U.S. Right to Know, a health advocacy group, provide a recipe for assembling SARS-type viruses from six synthetic pieces of DNA designed to be a consensus sequence—the genetically most infectious form—of viruses related to SARS1, the bat virus that caused the minor epidemic of 2002. The probative weight of the recipe is that prior independent evidence already pointed to SARS2 having just such a six-section structure.

SARS2 possesses a furin cleavage site, found in none of the other 871 known members of its viral family, so it cannot have gained such a site through the ordinary evolutionary swaps of genetic material within a family. The DEFUSE proposal called for inserting one. As is now known, the DEFUSE procedure was to assemble the viral genome from six DNA sections, which would account for the even spacing of the restriction enzyme recognition sites in SARS2. Despite intensive search, no precursors for SARS2 have been found in the natural world. Given the 2018 date of the DEFUSE proposal, the researchers in Wuhan could have synthesized the virus by 2019, accounting perfectly for the otherwise unexplained timing of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as its place of origin. It all fits.


Where do you suppose this study will show up (and for how long?) in a google (sic) search? Probably nowhere - like links to an opinion essay in Issues & Insights which was labeled “Dangerous” by the little tyrants, for factually listing Trump’s accomplishments while in office. Trump praise in any form, in other words, is dangerous according to these arrogant tyrants. Will it take a ‘Terror’ as in the French Revolution to cut them down to size?


I got J&J shot in November 2021.
No mRNA. No boosters.

I have ivermectin and tequila at home in case I get flu like symptoms.

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It will never be over — certainly not before the 2024 election. A new wave of the WuFlu is just the ticket for another round of fortified elections. It worked so well in 2020.

The Regime knows a good thing when they see it. Besides, there’s a beautiful dollar to be made selling ‘vaccines’ and proprietary drugs to combat the plague.


If people are not dying then we can ignore.

Cases don’t matter, use HCQ and ivermectin and drink tequila

Stop with the fake panic


I recommend the apple-flavored horse dewormer. It does sometimes help with viral infections if you have a pre-existing worm condition.

Better stop taking aspirin, using steroids, pain killers, antibiotics, stitches and surgery etc because all those and many more are used on animals and humans.

When the CDC posted that you should not use Ivermectin implying that it is only used as a horse dewormer, it confirmed that the only thing worse than an idiot is an arrogant idiot.


As much as I’d like to join in the whipping of CDC, one has to understand what they were up against:

The neologism for smug ignorance is “smugnorant”.


Judge, my defense is that jonny over here did something.



Paging Dr. Evil.