David Z.Hines, Radical (right) Book club, or Beyond Saul Alinsky

In the distant days of 2017, David Hines wrote a series of posts for the Status 451 blog looking at what books those on the left use for organizing and how righties could possibly learn from them. Recommended.

(He also did an excellent review of “Days of Rage”, a book I also recommend).


I second this recommendation. Here is my review from 2018. It is amazing how the extent of left-wing violence and terrorism in the 1970s has been memory holed. As I begin my review,

In the year 1972, there were more than 1900 domestic bombings in the United States. Think about that—that’s more than five bombings a day . In an era when the occasional terrorist act by a “lone wolf” nutcase gets round the clock coverage on cable news channels, it’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, most of these bombings and other mayhem, committed by “revolutionary” groups such as Weatherman, the Black Liberation Army, FALN, and The Family, often made only local newspapers on page B37, below the fold.