DC-9, the Next Generations: MD-8x, MD-9x, and Boeing 717

For the history of the original DC-9, see the post “The Douglas DC-9 Story” on 2023-03-12.

After the merger between Douglas Aircraft and McDonnell Aircraft in 1967, forming McDonnell Douglas, the combined company continued to develop derivatives of the DC-9 for an evolving market, launching the MD-80 in 1980, followed by the MD-82, MD-83, MD-87, and MD-88, with various passenger capacities and, over the years, improved wing design, engines, and cockpit instrumentation. In 1995, the MD-90 entered service, followed by the MD-95, designed to replace aging DC-9s. After the merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas in 1997, the MD-95 was renamed the Boeing 717-200. The type remained in production until 2006, bringing the DC-9 saga to an end, after a total of 2441 aircraft of all models and generations had been produced.


Always enjoyed flying on the DC series jets. With engine’s in rear quite and comfortable travel. Plus back then air flight was enjoyable :wink: