Deep State Gay Death Fanatics Vs Life

The Deep State: Demography of pubescent girls, of all sexes and ages, populating the highest median income counties in the US surrounding Washington DC, supported in their faddish lifestyle by taxing the global economy with the issuance of the World’s Reserve Currency (aka the Worst Resource Curse).

Consider The Deep State a tribe of its own. Its tribal identity is a betrayal of the erstwhile tribe: We The People. It is in denial, of course. However the absurdity of this denial is increasing. Hysterics like “January 6!!!” evince desperation. The betrayal manifests most obviously in the parasitic castration of the young men of its erstwhile tribe:

This new Constitution of the United States has as its supreme mission to, via that Africanization process known as “feminism”, encourage female hypergamy’s de facto polygyny (even as it vehemently denies this). The side effect is manufacture of “incels” who are considered by the USAF a primary threat to National Security. Solution? Castrate the young men of The Nation of Settler heritage – the backbone of the US military. But a military of eunuchs??? This, in turn, requires the transformation of military sexuality itself. The valorization of transexuals is only the most obvious manifestation of this sexual transformation of the military. What is not so obvious is that it serves the purpose of The Deep State to so alienate men from women that they become, through a known failure mode of military culture, sexually attracted to other men.

But what can be done to turn this failure of military culture into a strength?

From Frank Herbert’s “The Dosadi Experiment”:

He thinks only his death fanatics have that kind of rapport with the Rim."

He stared at her, caught by a sudden thought. By now, he knew much about Gar and Tria. She answered his questions about them with candor, often using him openly to clarify her own thoughts. But - death fanatics?

“Are these fanatics homosexual?”

She pounced.

“How’d you know?”

“A guess.”

“What difference would it make?”

“Are they?”


McKie shuddered.

She was peremptory.


“When Humans for any reason go terminal where survival of their species is concerned, it’s relatively easy to push them the short step further into wanting to die.”

“You speak from historical evidence?”



“With rare exceptions, primitive Humans of the tribal eras reserved their homosexuals as the ultimate shock troops of desperation. They were the troops of last resort, sent into battle as berserkers who expected, who wanted, to die.”

She had to have the term berserkers explained, then showed by her manner that she believed him. She considered this, then:

“What does your ConSentiency do about this susceptibility?”

“We take sophisticated care to guide all natural sexual variants into constructive, survival activities. We protect them from the kinds of pressures which might tip them over into behavior destructive of the species.”

Only later had McKie realized she had not answered his question: beyond what? She’d rushed him off to a conference room where more than twenty Humans were assembled, including the two parents who’d made the chart about Tria and Gar. McKie realized he didn’t even know their names.

It put him at a disadvantage not knowing as many of these people by sight and name as he should. They, of course, had ready memories of everyone important around them and, when they used a name, often did it with such blurred movement into new subjects that he was seldom sure who had been named. He saw the key to it, though. Their memories were anchored in explicit references to relative abilities of those around them, relative dangers. And it wasn’t so much that they concealed their emotions as that they managed their emotions. Nowhere in their memories could there be any emotive clouding such as thoughts of love or friendship. Such things weakened you. Everything operated on the strict basis of quid pro quo, and you’d better have the cash ready - whatever that cash might be. McKie, pressed all around by questions from the people in the conference room, knew he had only one real asset: he was a key they might use to open the God Wall. Very important asset, but unfortunately owned by an idiot.

Now, they wanted his information about death fanatics. They milked him dry, then sent him away like a child who has performed for his elders but is sent to his room when important matters are brought up for discussion.

My recent interactions with some military folks leads me to believe the military is actively cultivating these death fanatics and that is the major reason no one seems concerned about the potential for igniting nuclear war between the largest nuclear powers in the world. Fighting “homophobic Russia” is all that matters to these death fanatics.