Democracy in the EU

It is interesting to contrast the claims of the EU Ruling Class about supporting “democracy” in the Ukraine with their studied avoidance of “democracy” in the EU subject region of Spain.

In 2017, independence-minded citizens in Catalonia (“separatists” in EU-speak) voted democratically for independence from Spain. The Ruling Class in Madrid cracked down on this unacceptable form of democracy with prosecutions and jailings, and the problem has rumbled on for years.

However, it now seems that the only way for the current faction ruling Madrid to hold on to power is to do a deal with the Catalans, and end the prosecutions by offering amnesty to them. What a tangled web politicians weave!

Spain’s Sanchez set to stay PM after amnesty deal with Catalan separatists | Politics News | Al Jazeera


Sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them is obviously unacceptable to every existing government and will remain so. This, combined with the evolution not merely of virulence but of meta-virulence* means property owners had better be prepared to accept that they’ll be either dead or forced to strike a deal with their own military aged men. But listen to all the talk about “Boomers” among our military aged men if you want to get a glimpse of how difficult reaching that deal will be. Libertarians have managed to do exactly what is necessary to kill property owners: Seduce them overriding the immigration policy preferences of their own military aged men relentlessly for at least a half century and get Ron Paul to call a border wall the equivalent of a Berlin Wall during the most critical Presidential debate of the 21st century.

To call Reason Magazine is a Maoist organization would be an insult to Maoist organizations.

* Meta-virulence cultures virulence by opposing border controls thereby turning governments against their own young men by protecting military aged men that invade a territory from even individual combat to the death by their own military aged men.