Dental Cavities Were Cured in 1985, but No One Knows It

Lantern Bioworks proclaims:

Cavities were cured in 1985, and, no one knows it yet.

It is possible to genetically engineer Streptococcus mutans, the dominant human mouth bacteria, to produce ethanol instead of cavity-causing lactic acid. Further modifications cause it to outcompete native mouth bacteria, without spreading outside of the mouth. All research suggests that a one-time brushing of this GMO strain onto the teeth will dramatically reduce, or entirely eliminate, dental caries.

A variant of this organism was first created in 1985, and volunteers deliberately inoculated themselves with the modified strain. This has, to our knowledge, caused no ill effects since.

If you share our vision of a world without cavities, we invite you to join us in our mission.

This bacteria has been stuck in patent hell, and FDA hell, for decades. Our plan is to get this cure for cavities back on track to a worldwide rollout.

Whether you’re a VC, a wet lab wizard, or a particularly altruistic dentist, we welcome your contributions.

Here is a collection of the company’s documents on Google Drive. Included in the archive is “Steps, some of them independent, for creating a alcohol-producing JH1140 mutant” [PDF].

The genetically-modified variant of Streptococcus mutans produces ethanol (vodka) instead of cavity-causing lactic acid. So, thirty-eight years after the original experiment, if and when the FDA gets through with it, presumably the BATFE (Ban All Types of Fun Everywhere) will be next in line with the regulatory hammer.

Meanwhile, dentists cheer, “Drill, baby, drill!”


So, the conspiracy theorists have (again!) been right - for 38 years in this case. There have long been folks who believed that dental caries were intentionally uncured for the benefit of dentists. Similarly cancer and physicians. Naturally, no one on the Left side of the isle believes that state bureaucracies look only after their own POWER and CONTROL interests. Heaven forbid.


Civil, we pay all type of fares for the privilege of “getting old”, but the silver lining, coated with schadenfreude, is that we witness so many so-called conspiracy theories proven true. Happy fall.


This is something I have been extremely bitter about ever since I became a mom. There was no fluoride in our water up here; indeed, we didn’t and still don’t have public water. When I was a kid, from ages 6 to 18, I had several cavities at EVERY regular dentist visit. And we had a great dentist, but he didn’t believe in Novocain—IF he ever administered it, you KNEW you were in for major excavations. It was torture.

But my BMD who grew up in New York City with fluoridated water, hardly EVER had a cavity!

And with MY baby, we were prescribed liquid vitamin with iron and—fluoride! You hafta get the fluoride while your teeth are forming. So simple, I just squirted it into her mouth while she lay on the changing table every morning. Look mom, no cavities! I think she has had no more than one in her entire life!

What you’re describing is like that little device which can be inserted to regulate blood pressure. Whenever something like that comes long, “Big Pharma” buys up the patent and deep-sixes it.


Any details about the blood pressure regulator?


If you enter MobiusHD for blood pressure or “anti hypertensive device” you will find info on the implant.


Thank you, @Hypatia .