Despite Steam Ban, Tax Heaven 3000 Creator Says It’s “Probably Safer Than Most Big Box Tax Software"

I have seen the future of tax preparation software, and it is kawaii. Just bolt on an improved future ChatGPT that has trained on the tax code…


While it’s unclear if the game will get re-listed on Steam at any point, its page is currently live on the indie dev marketplace If you’re so inclined, there’s also a $90 physical Collector’s Edition that includes a box done in the style of Tax Prep software, an instruction manual, an installation disk and case, an IRS mailing envelope, and an Iris body pillow.

Iris body pillow??

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Are you incredulous that it is included? Or do you not know what it is?

Sadly, the collector’s edition is sold out!

With luck, it might be available soon on eBay, similar to MSCHF drop #88 (link) the cologne smelling like WD-40 :wink:


See for more amusing “drops”

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The cyber-war approach to tax code reform: