Development Log: 2021-10-06

2021 October 6

In Admin/Settings, checked "Disable user cards, user profiles and user
directory for anonymous users".

When you change the user Profile Header image, don't forget to click
"Save Changes" at the very bottom of the page or the change will not
take effect.

Added Moderator status to my administrator account and set its trust
level to 4.  With Administrator status this probably doesn't matter,
but it looked odd not to have these set for an admin account.

When you create a new category, the "Topic Template" is what is filled
in to the content box when somebody creates a new post.  It has nothing
to do with the "About the " pinned post that is created when
the category is added.  You rarely want to specify the former.  The
only way to edit the latter is to wait until the category is created,
then view the pinned post and edit it.