Development Log: 2021-10-16

2021 October 16

Since it looks like this thing is going to stay around for a
while, I purchased an AWS t3.medium reserved instance with a
term of one year so we aren't paying hourly rates to run it.
This will result in a savings of 33% compared to on-demand
rates.  Reserved instance details are:
    Instance Id:    6450c890-23c8-46fb-aba3-8989e9ee2e05
    Type:           t3.medium
    Platform:       Linux/UNIX
    Scope:          Region
    Instance count: 1
    Term:           12 months
    Start:          October 16, 2021, 23:32 (UTC+2:00)
    Expires:        October 16, 2022, 23:32 (UTC+2:00)
    Payment:        All Upfront
    Upfront Price:  $247.00
    Usage Price:    $0.00
    Recurring:      Hourly: $0.00
    Offering Class: standard
    Tenancy:        default
After a few minutes, the instance went from "payment pending" to