Development Log: 2022-01-28

(These changes were made on 2022-01-28. I forgot to post them to this category at the time.)

2022 January 28

Made a mirror backup to Juno.

Made a backup AMI:
    Scanalyst Backup 2022-01-28  ami-04dd82199a9421700
        /           snap-034e5ce1c4a73b53e
        /server     snap-09a6e0d79136cf999

Installed 17 update packages, 13 for security.
    yum update

Stopped Discourse.
    cd ~/discourse/image
    ./launcher stop app

The system had been up for 36 days.


The system came up promptly after the reboot.  We are still running on
kernel 4.14.256-197.484.amzn2.x86_64.

The Discourse Docker container started automatically after the reboot
and serves HTTP requests normally.

On the Discourse Upgrade manager page:
I upgraded:
    docker_manager      (This upgrade must be run first:
                        the other upgrade buttons are
                        disabled until it has been updated.)
    discourse-math      (MathJax)

The Admin page now reports we're running on 2.9.0.beta1.

Verified that spoilers and MathJax are working after being updated.

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