Development Log: 2023-03-03

2023 February 3

Made a mirror backup to Juno.

Made a backup AMI:
    Scanalyst Backup 2023-03-03 ami-00b01cfd8b1c32ef7
        /           snap-069a21550c62aa652
        /server     snap-0b25ff7df3942435b

Installed the Discourse ChatGPT Chatbot:
as follows:
    Edited ~/discourse/image/containers/app.yml and added:
        - git clone
    after the line that clones discourse-math.git.

    Rebuilt Discourse:
        cd ~/discourse/image
        ./launcher rebuild app

After the rebuild was complete and Discourse restarted, went to the
Chatbot plugin page and configured as follows (only non-defaults
    chatbot quick access chat button            Unchecked
    chatbot high trust groups                   admins
                                                trust level 4
                                                trust level 3
    chatbot medium trust groups                 trust level 2
    chatbot low trust groups                    trust level 1
    chatbot open ai token                       [My OpenAI API Key]
    chatbot bot user                            Shalmaneser

Changed the user name for the Chatbot account from "AIBot" to

Created an avatar and wrote a profile biography for Shalmaneser.

Tested access to Shalmaneser in chat.

Tested access to Shalmaneser via direct message.

Tested access to Shalmaneser via "@Shalmaneser" in a comment to the
Sandbox post.  S/he/it replied in a subsequent comment (not a reply to
the comment that elicited the response).

2023 March 4

Asked Shalmaneser to write its own biography with the prompt:
    Please write a two paragraph biography of the artificially
    intelligent supercomputer Shalmaneser from John Brunner’s novel
    Stand on Zanzibar.  Use Brunner’s vocabulary and style from the
via direct message.  The request in the last sentence was ignored.

It seems like you made a backup to Juno, created a backup AMI, and installed Discourse Chatbot using the instructions from the Github repository. You then configured the plugin by specifying high, medium, and low trust groups, as well as an OpenAI API key for the bot. You also changed the default user name for the Chatbot account to “Shalmaneser,” created an avatar, and tested access to the bot in various ways. Finally, you attempted to ask Shalmaneser to write its own biography via direct message, but it did not follow your instructions.