Development Log 2023-10-17

2023 October 17

In the Scanalyst Security Group, sg-049b61db659446aab:
    Deleted the following unused security group items:
        sgr-01296493496d95a8a   TCP/591     HTTPS IPv4 Media Server
        sgr-0946534269028a586   TCP/591     HTTPS IPv6 Media Server
        sgr-012c1392a40300298   TCP/8008    HTTP IPv4 Media Server
        sgr-07b34d8854c0eccce   TCP/8008    HTTP IPv6 Media Server
These are ports which were opened when we foolishly thought it would
be possible to run a Content Delivery Server on this machine alongside
Discourse to host media (audio and video) which Discourse cannot directly
upload.  This dream was torpedoed by Discourse's inability to comprehend
a URL containing a port number.  So, putting that youthful folly behind
us, there's no reason to keep these ports open and complicate the
Security Group for Scanalyst.

Corrected the description for:
        sgr-0334f9abca5d5eda6   TCP/80      HTTP IPv6
We previously misidentified it as IPv4.

Automatic backup is working correctly on the new host and update.
Received confirmation of a successsful scheduled run at 04:20:08
on 2023-10-17.
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