Development Log 2023-11-10

2023 November 10

Large blocks of <pre> formatted text, as we use in the site
development log and system narratives, were truncated because the
CSS for the default theme contained the declaration:
    pre {
        max-height: 2000;
I have no idea what they were trying to achieve with this, but it sure
did a fine job of messing up blocks of text intended to be rendered in
a monospace font.  This sent me off on a treasure hunt trying to figure
out how to customise a site's CSS, which is as follows.

When logged in with an administrator account, go to Admin/Customise,
highlight "Themes", and click the active theme, which in our case is
"Default".  On this page, click the "Edit CSS/HTML" button, which will
display a confusing editor page.  Select the CSS tab, and you will see
any custom CSS for the site.  Add your desired CSS, which will be
included after the theme's CSS and thus can override it.  I added:
    pre {
        max-height: none;
to cancel the earlier specification.  Click "Save" to put your changes
into effect, then reload the page to confirm they had the desired
effect.  This seems to have fixed the pre blocks in the development log.

Set the "ai stability api key" to:
to enable Stable Diffusion image generation.  To generate images with
Stable Diffusion, send a message to the AI bot using the "Forum Helper"
persona and prompt with something like:
    Please draw an image of a giant robotic ant walking down a
    city street, smashing cars, with people fleeing from it.
and, after a while, a selection of images will appear in the reply
from the bot.