DMG Mori Portal Five-Axis Milling Machine

Here is more about the DMG Mori DMU 210 P Portal five-axis computer numerical control milling machine.


That’s a serious step up from a 3018 :smiley:

Notice the fanless miniPC at 6:13?


Gasp!.. Incredible! I’m guessing the price of one of these (the website indicated more than 1000 units installed) is in the range of scores of millions of $. Parenthetically, I remember distinctly as a kid in the late 40’s/ early 50’s that “made in Japan” was a joke - that only shoddy, flimsy stuff was produced there. Of course, that hasn’t been the case for a long time now and I praise Nipponese manufacturing skills regularly at the conclusion of my daily, gratifying session with my Toto Washlet© , which IMHO represents the pinnacle of human progress - East or West.


I. understand the concept. I just wish I knew how to run even a small one.


Don’t forget the profit potential in selling replacements for the plethora of bits that equipment must run through!

Apparently, John D. Rockefeller gets the credit for the marketing strategy of selling the capital equipment cheap and making a killing on the consumables. He reportedly gave away the new-fangled oil lamps designed to burn bright & clean with Standard Oil kerosene – available at any good local store.