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I’ve been watching Douglas Murray “debating” numerous apologists for Islam on YouTube. It takes some intestinal fortitude to watch and I am amazed he can do it. I have yet to see one of his “debate” opponents even deign to answer a simple question directly. Rather, aggressive efforts to put and keep the opponent on defense and off balance is the rule. There is no give and take, only aggression, deflection, sophistry, misdirection, straw man arguments. There is no effort to meet as equals with good faith differences of opinion in search for some middle ground. I get the distinct impression there exists no middle ground, that one side is clearly triumphalist, regards itself as superior to all other views, which are - at best - wrong. I had no sense there was any room for good faith disagreement.

Watching these videos is deeply disheartening. I understand why there are no “Coexist” bumper stickers in Saudi or Pakistan. I had the distinct sense that had Douglas Murray said off camera in a quiet, unlighted place, the utterly-inoffensive things he said here, he might well have not come out unscathed. “Live and let live”, I’m sorry to say, is not going to work for the differences so painfully visible on these videos. Douglas Murray certainly has the better argument and much courage. I only hope he doesn’t get the Rushdie treatment for his troubles. The anger is barely contained in most every interchange; there was danger palpably in the air.

The effect of millions of such individuals being admitted unvetted to the West is not likely to prove salutary for Western society - diffident and divided as it is. What can our leaders be thinking? (Oh, Biden has shown the answer).


Maybe we need to stop debating and instead ensure reciprocity and examine how Christians and Jews are treated by Islam around the world – while also looking at the pro-natalist balance of power.


Islam and western civilisation are incompatible


That might be a generalization too far! Have you ever visited Abu Dhabi?

Of course it helps for a country to be extremely wealthy – but most of us would not argue with what they have done with their wealth, providing good housing and spectacular infrastructure for their citizens. Beautiful mosques with overflow young male congregations, along with tolerance for other religions. Christian churches, world-class museums, classical music, and buzzing bars where Filipino and Russian bands play till 2 am. Very clean, well-organized, almost crime-free. Some nice touches, such as beaches with sections set aside for families. Sort of like an upscale version of the US in the 1950s.

Yes, there are Muslim countries which are intolerant and best avoided. But maybe that is a reflection of the country rather than the religion?


Sounds to me like most of what you’re praising in Abu Dhabi is its cosmopolitanism. So you’re saying when they get to the point where they don’t take religion too seriously, they can be great, very comfy! But I don’t think tolerance for other religions, appreciation of art— and since you say “world class” I assume the museums include works from our canon—bars, beaches—are things espoused by fundamentalist Muslims.
It is an awful, painful thing to have to face, but we never eradicated the scourge of anti-semitism . And we now see the tragically risible spectacle of intellectuals from the Anglosphere willing to forgive the effing ragheads ANYTHING simply because the “Palestinian” cause gives ‘em an excuse to openly espouse it.
S. H. A. M…E.


I don’t have a problem with Muslim countries in general.

My concern is about open immigration from the Middle East and North Africa and Afghanistan into Europe. Because Islam is not compatible with the West, those immigrants cannot and will not assimilate. Plus there is the crime factor. Afghan immigrants raping German women is still a problem and assailants are not being punished.

On the other hand, Alternative for Deutschland or AfD politicians are being arrested and incarcerated for hate speech. Citing crime statistics is considered hate speech in Germany.

I have not visited Abu Dhabi


That is Europe’s problem – for Europe to deal with. My concern is open immigration from wherever into the US.

The problem in both cases is the “open immigration” – contrary to the law in both places, regardless of whatever religion some of those illegal aliens might subscribe to. Importing people who have no intention or desire to assimilate is the immediate problem. The underlying problem is Western Political Classes who put virtue signaling to each other ahead of the clearly-expressed best interests of their citizens.


We are on the same page.

I agree 1000 percent

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Don’t miss the point about “Beautiful mosques with overflow young male congregations”. It is quite staggering for a Westerner used to limited religious observances in the West to see a Friday mosque congregation of fighting-age young males overflowing into the streets and unrolling their prayer mats on the roads. Fortunately, being Abu Dhabi, the streets are very clean.

It would be a mis-judgment to think that the Emiratis don’t take their religion seriously. Just like some Christians who are serious about their religion can be wonderful people, the same can apply to some Muslims.


I DIDNT miss that point, and forgive me if I do NOT find the prospect of overflow crowds of devout young Muslim males reassuring. It was devout young Muslim males who toppled the Twin Towers, who were responsible for the October 7 massacre.

Hey—as long as they stay in the mosques of Abu Dhabi, great. (Until an Osama bin Laden comes along and inspires them to take their zeal international.)

Am I’m displaying a prejudice here? Why, yes!