Driving a Hybrid Car from 1916

The Owen Magnetic hybrid car was manufactured between 1915 and 1922. It was a pure hybrid: the six cylinder engine drove a generator which charged the lead-acid batteries and powered the motor that drove the rear wheels: there was no mechanical connection from the engine to the drivetrain. The car featured regenerative electric braking which charged the batteries. The drivetrain and control system is described in U.S. Patent 1,207,732 [PDF], granted on 1916-12-12. The Owen Magnetic was a luxury car: the top of the line 1916 model sold for US$ 6,000, which is equivalent to around 120,000 rapidly evaporating 2022 BidenBucks.


I had viewed that video many months ago. Notably, YouTube has been pushing it to me for the last few days.

Is that because you viewed it or because we both view many Musk/Tesla pages?


I did not view it before today. YouTube have been pushing it for the last several days in the Home page, but I don’t recall anything I’ve viewed recently that might have caused them to select it as related.