Educational Ontogeny Should Recapitulate Technological Phylogeny

That the “discredited”… the “baseless”… the (fill in your dismissive)… aphorism “Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny” might be extended to “Educational Ontogeny Should Recapitulate Technological Phylogeny” is of course viewed as an absurdity by our enlightened educators:

They would, no doubt, take one look at this…

… and immediately get the National School Boards Association…

…to lobby State legislatures to outlaw such atavistic notions, citing research into the dangers of injury during flint knapping…

Any homeschoolers who dared retain the services of an experienced flint knapper for “social learning” – the monkey-see-monkey-do mode of education that predates spoken language – would risk investigation by Child Protective Services. This is particularly true if the “social teacher” was an old Vietnam war veteran, deprived of the right to keep and bear arms because of PTSD, who took to constructing his own primitive hunting equipment, as did one of my friends.

I mean, a war veteran? Teaching children how to make weapons? Talk about a hot bed of terrorism!

But worse, imagine young boys, as their neurophysiology is developing along with their hormonal changes, experiencing the visceral feeling of self-sufficiency and masculine power of their patrimoney, rather than injecting them with puberty blockers!


Why, it might reverse the steady decline in testosterone levels!

Testosterone… weapons…

By now ya’ll should have some idea of why and how it came to be that our institutions have failed to produce Men, and why I consider “Educational Ontogeny Should Recapitulate Technological Phylogeny” among my top priorities.

The goal is that graduation from secondary education requires that the young man have built a debt-free homestead on a piece of land that permits him to responsibly sire at least one child. This homestead would not be entirely “self-sufficient”, but, in conjunction with the thereby cultivated masculine character, make a young woman see starting a family with him a viable alternative to having her brain scrambled in higher education, in exchange for a mortgage sized debt, inescapable even in bankruptcy, that she can service only by whoring herself out in a place with high wages like New York City.


That is an awesome goal. Are you developing a curriculum? Does the project have a website where parents can learn about it?


Aside from that collection of books other source material include John Plant’s YouTube channel “Primitive Technology” and a few individuals around here.

There is even a movement here in southwest Iowa to get the high school students doing things along these lines from a more pragmatic perspective. For example buying a rundown house and repairing it. I can see why this has Community Support since it increases in-town land values. It is really hard to get educators to understand my perspective which I attribute to my greater emphasis on the coevolution of physiology and technological development toward reproductive viability. They can’t connect up their educational mission with the global crisis in TFR and most have been educated to see thinking in those terms as a violation of Ingsoc.

There is one actual educator whose philosophy is the closest to my own k-12 education, but I’ve not been able to mesh gears with his work just yet.