Electric Chopsticks Make Your Food Taste Saltier

Japanese scientists have created a pair of Chopsticks that use a mild electrical current to make food taste 50% saltier. This sounds like the 21st century I was promised!
Saline solution: Japan invents ‘electric’ chopsticks that make food seem more salty | Japan | The Guardian


Miyashita’s lab is exploring other ways in which technology can be used to engage the senses – it has also invented a lickable TV screen that imitates the flavours of various foods.

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Wonder how that stands up with COVID? They need a mask that allows you to lick the screen. At a minimum a mask that make the fibers you inhale give you a buzz like nicotine. I maintain that if you are going to mess with your lungs, you should at least get a hit of nicotine.

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How about a programmable Fourmilab Taste-O-Vision vaping device which receives Bluetooth updates from the television to tell it which flavour to emulate?

Then everybody would have their own sanitary device and not have to contend for licking space on the screen. And, it could be adapted for movie theatres as well, if and when they ever come back. Further, we could take a lesson from Hewlett-Packard and give away the vaping devices and sell the flavour cartridges at a premium, fixing the TV set so it wouldn’t play a program in Taste-O-Vision if the cartridge was empty, even if you didn’t wish to indulge.

Hold on while I file a patent application….

I was thinking. Do we really want to discuss these ideas in public? Could be detrimental to the patent.