Electric Life

Here is a rather odd – and I would have to add, not totally convincing – short YouTube.

The interesting part relates to the planaria worm, which has the unusual capability to regrow its head if it is cut off. A team at Tufts University found that by changing electrical gradients in the beheaded worm, they could cause it to grow back the head of a different species of worm. Odd!

Out beynd worm-land, it makes one wonder if the stupendous increase in electrical currents & radio waves which the human race has been immersed in since the early 20th Century might be having unanticipated effects on human development. We are not all growing additional heads, obviously. But there is plentiful evidence for declining intelligence. Correlation is not causation – but may be grounds for taking a closer look.

If the usual suspects start to claim that the smartphone is responsible for health-damaging EMF – worse than second-hand smoke! – and the public health hazards of smartphones mean they should be given the “Anti-Smoking” treatment, I might just go along with them, regardless of the evidence.


Reading the source article, there’s more detail how they grew these worm chimeras - it took cells from different worms:

I’ve been noticing that YT videos are much more effective at persuading intelligent people to adopt a completely wacky theory, but the wackiness is what drives clicks and ad dollars these days.