Elon Musk at the 2021 Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting

“Over time, you'll see all manufacturers will make electric vehicles, and eventually all manufacturers will make autonomous vehicles. Tesla is open to licensing autonomy.

“… you can recycle battery materials. You can think of batteries as essentially high grade ore. So you can get your lithium and your nickel … from rocks or from batteries. It's much better to get them from batteries.”


Hmmmmm…INteresting. Verry interesting.

I beg to differ on how sustainable and environmentally friendly wind turbine ‘farms’ are. They’re not called ‘eagle choppers’ without reason. Don’t get me started on further points.


And reliable:


Where will all that electricity for your cars come from, Elon? Better start fracking, coal mining, and power-plant-building. Those ugly bird-choppers aren’t going to cut it.

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