Elon Musk on the Canadian Convoy and GoFundMe


In other news, after the GoFundMe looting was announced, multiple people suggested that those who had donated should not apply for refunds but instead contact their credit card issuer to demand a charge-back due to fraud on the part of the payee. This apparently costs the vendor between US$ 10 and 15 per charge-back and, if sufficient volume are received, increases the vendor’s fee for all transactions. Apparently this message was received, because GoFleeceMe just announced:


This should not prevent those defrauded from seeking an immediate charge-back.



GoFundMe is yet another fine example of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” leftist lemming march of 2022.

Think about the Hubris of leftists – they likely COULD HAVE shadow banned libertarians & conservatives into a permanent minority position – but that was not enough for them.

Leftists seem to have no idea how economically mighty libertarians and conservatives are, and that tech options abound.

For example, one alternative to GoFundMe is FUNDLY https://fundly.com/ and I bet there are others.

Michelle Malkin – a long time user/critic of Social Networks wisely chose this platform to legally fight a dispute with AirBnB (hint, it was a bit worse treatment than dirty sheets) MichelleFightsAirBnB | Fundly

I wish the Freedom Convoy, Michelle Malkin, and friends of liberty everywhere the best of luck in using emerging Freedom Protecting platforms.


Convoy organizers only received $1M of the over $10M raised on GoFundMe. They tried to work with GFM to meet their requirements but were obviously unsuccessful. Thus, they have pivoted to another site: givesendgo.com. I know they are legit because Tamara Lich, one of the Convoy leaders, endorsed this particular fundraiser and explained what’s going on in detail.

Unfortunately, GiveSendGo has been under a DDOS attack since the trucker fundraiser was launched. Getting onto their site is spotty. I was able to donate about 24 hours ago (0100 UTC). I know it was successful because I not only got a confirmation email from the site, also my credit card was charged.

If you are so inclined, please contribute. The Canadian truckers are doing some good work here. They have sparked similar movements in Australia, Brazil, US, and some European countries. I promise never to make fun of Canadians again, eh? Well, maybe just a few more times.


So far, they have raised over $1.3M on GiveSendGo in spite of efforts to interfere with the site.


I can’t pull up the link, but based in the lede, these people (using the term very loosely, but this is a family-friendly site) are unspeakably vile.

Hackers should be corrected to FBI.

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