Entertaining YouTube Channel

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I’ve recently discovered a popular YouTube channel by a former 3D printer Engineer. I’ve found his videos to be quite entertaining in an educational and purely interesting sense.

I’m sure others on this site have heard of him but I think you should check out his content nonetheless. I’m not that great at coding or programming so I’m sure a lot of you will enjoy his videos more than what I am able to grasp from them. Any recommendations for similar channels will be much appreciated!


Here is a video he recently posted about making a pneumatic-powered Frisbee (disc golf) flinger.

Also, should you have the need, it works just fine for chopping cantaloupes in two.

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A similar channel is Dave’s Armoury. The old SCANALYZER posted this video on “Winning at Cornhole with a US$32,000 Industrial Robot”.

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Thanks for the recommendation I’ll be sure to check it out! I’ve also seen a channel called Micheal Reeves on the site. His videos aren’t as educational and the humor is a bit childish but he has made some interesting projects and is quite intelligent behind his internet persona.