Eugyppius on 'Original Antigenic Sin'

Your immune system is challenged by, say, virus A. Antibodies effective in combating virus A are produced. Subsequently, a slightly different version of A’ – call it A’ – is encountered. Instead of developing robust immunity against A’, the immune system recommences the battle against A. In the best-case scenario, you experience weakened immunity to A’. Worse outcomes include your immune system being impaired, perhaps forever.

This is Original Antigenic Sin (OAS).

“Eugyppius” thinks OAS is so bad that the vaccination campaign should be stopped.


Over 4.2 billion people across the earth have received at least one dose of vaccine against SARS-2. The majority of these vaccines have elicited antibodies only against an early form of the spike protein that is no longer in circulation.

This would seem to be one reason why many western countries with high vaccination rates appear to have locked themselves into an indefinite phase of heightened SARS-2 transmission. In the United Kingdom, 96% of adults have antibodies to the spike protein – most of these first acquired by vaccination. Shortly after they concluded their vaccination campaign, cases skyrocketed, and they have remained high ever since.

Original Antigenic Sin is a real phenomenon. It seems not only to permanently influence the immune response to the spike protein itself, but also to inhibit the development of antibodies to other SARS-2 proteins. A worst case scenario, would be a future spike mutation that entirely escapes the anti-spike antibodies elicited by our vaccines. In this case, it seems possible that many vaccinated people will be stuck with permanently suboptimal immune responses. If Omicron is indeed circulating primarily among the vaccinated, as some data suggests, this would seem to be one possibly reason why. These concerns are particularly acute in the case of children, who may well be exposed to the risk of very serious illness in the future, if vaccination permanently misdirects their immune system.