European Electric Grid Roadmap

The TYNDP 2024 will assess how 176 transmission and 33 storage projects respond to the TYNDP scenarios. Learn more about the projects by clicking on their location on the map below or filter projects by country, type of infrastructure or status. More information about the projects will become available with the release of TYNDP 2024 for public consultation at the end of 2024.

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EU is planning power lines from the wind fields on the Atlantic down to the south – and from the sunny deserts up to the north.


EU planning long distance power lines? Is that like, say, planning long distance gas lines?

EU needs to be careful. The EU knows what a handful of Ukrainians were able to do to the EU’s critically-necessary long distance gas pipelines.


Looks like France, Spain and Poland are energy self sufficient or something.

I wonder if the cost of this construction was included in the energy return on energy for renewables. Nope.

The dots represent storage. Those places must be massive. Approximately 33 of them to store all the energy?

Everything from North Africa is “under consideration”. I wonder what percentage of the total power in the plan is expected from North Africa and what area those solar panels will take. Will the nomadic goat herders sell their ground to the EU? I wonder how much of the infrastructure will be stripped by the poor. Like homes in the US with all the copper pipes missing.

When you drill into the details, it is pretty ambitious. The transmission line from North Africa to Germany is under consideration, but planned commissioning is 2032. Actually, most of the plan is expected to be commissioned by 2032.

Finally, will the electrical grid be built before the Muslims take over.

Under construction or commissioned: